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About Us


We are VACC, Inc., doing business as Vibro-Acoustic Consultants.  Based in San Francisco, we work across the globe.  For those of you whom we have never met, we hope to impress you with our fresh approach to the noise and vibration control industry.  For those with whom we have worked before, thanks for coming back to our site.  

Here you will find some basic information about us:

Who we are:

Ahmad Bayat, PE
Matthew Sneddon
Kim Beeman
Prateek Kulkarni
Edgar Olvera

What we've done:

Representative Lists of Clients and Projects

What we've said:

Publications and Articles

Why we're qualified:

Download our Qualifications Package and consider
our HRC LBE status in San Francisco.


From our beginning in 2000, we have aimed to:

Respond quickly to our clients' needs

Provide short turnaround on projects  

Employ sophisticated measurement techniques

Utilize the latest in computational and processing facilities

Offer flexibility in communications and reporting


We bring an integrated perspective to the noise and vibration design field, marrying our technical and theoretical knowledge with real-world engineering and construction experience.  We pride ourselves in providing recommendations which are based on solid engineering principles and creative design as well as our vast experience -- all geared towards creating solutions which are effective, robust, and cost-efficient.

For more details about our past clients or projects, please feel free to contact us and just ask.


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