Infrastructure Vibration and Noise Consulting Services
by SF LBE Certified with SFHRC
Looking for LBEs for your project with the City and County of San Francisco? While you might expect to find lots of trades, you might not expect to find noise and vibration consulting services. Vibro-Acoustic Consultants is on the LBE (local business enterprise) list with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. (SFHRC Certificate available upon request.)

We formed Vibro-Acoustic Consultants (VACC, Inc.) to provide vibration and acoustical solutions to a wide range of industries, institutions, and individuals. Building on our broad experience, we offer a full array of vibration and noise design consulting, measurement, and monitoring services. We consider our greatest strength to be our knowledge base and experience we not only know the rules-of-thumb, but we understand their underlying physical principles. At the same time, we also know our way around construction sites and understand how to provide test, measurement, monitoring, and design solutions that are robust, unobtrusive, and cost-efficient.

Recent large-scale infrastructure projects include noise and vibration monitoring for the Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel (for Shank/Balfour-Beatty); construction monitoring for the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project (with Flatiron/Dragados); EMI/RF environmental testing for the LA Metro Green Line Extension (with HMM); and underwater (hydroacoustic) noise monitoring of pile-driving for the Bethel Island Bridge Replacement (for Contra Costa County).

Contact us to discuss how we can strengthen your team while fulfilling LBE requirements as you go after projects with SFPUC, and the City and County of San Francisco.

Background: Vibro-Acoustic Consultants is an established consultancy based in downtown San Francisco. We have been on the San Francisco SFHRC LBE List of certified firms since 2007. We develop unique noise and vibration solutions for a wide range of industries. We work with clients across North America and overseas. Our portfolio includes commercial and mixed-use developments, multifamily housing, heavy infrastructure projects, light rail, semiconductor fabs, national labs, solar panel factories and more. Please feel free to browse our projects and contact us to discuss your upcoming work.



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