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Vibro-Acoustic Consultants (VACC) was founded in 2000 to provide acoustical and vibration consulting and engineering solutions to industry, government, institutions, architects, designers, laboratories and research facilities worldwide.  We offer a full range of acoustical and vibration design, measurement and testing services.

Nanotechnology, semiconductor fabrication and imaging facilities require an ultra-low noise and ultra-low vibration environment, otherwise research accuracy or production yield suffers
Given the complexity and scale of large factories, designs can be refined to achieve lower project cost and minimize risk of disruptions to sensitive manufacturing processes or violations of noise and vibration regulations
Large-scale laboratory facilities integrate multiple uses, including scientific research labs, animal facilities, offices and meeting spaces. The goal is to provide a productive design addressing the needs of humans, research animals, and advanced technology instruments in these facilities.
We can design to prevent intrusive noise in residential spaces or commercial buildings , test existing units to check how they comply with their design and municipal codes, and model mitigation measures to ameliorate noise complaints.
Facilities can include scientific research labs, animal facilities, offices and meeting spaces. Noise and vibration can intrude from exterior sources, internal occupants and research equipment, or from large machinery and delivery systems supporting the facilities
Patient privacy rules, OSHPD-driven limitations on noise control materials, and special facilities like MRI suites and helipads can pose additional acoustical and vibration design challenges for hospitals and medical centers.
Some animals’ hearing extends to frequencies 5-10 times higher than humans, and animals cannot tell us what may be annoying, painful or disruptive.  Animal issues can require specialized instrumentation as well as the ability to think beyond the limits and biases of our own senses.
From human safety and comfort to extremely demanding high-tech laboratory and research needs, environmental noise and vibration can be viewed as pollutants that must be recognized and controlled.
Our infrastructure work addresses all aspects of noise, vibration, and EMI/RF impacts, from worker safety & comfort to legal documentation for CEQA/NEPA.
We can monitor not only land-based projects, but also water-based projects such as the wildlife impact of pile-driving in bridge construction.  We own and maintain a full suite of noise and vibration monitoring instruments, capable of both attended and remote operation.
Some products are too loud; some are too quiet; and others just “don’t sound right”. From regulatory compliance to consumer expectations, careful noise and vibration design can make a product a commercial success

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