The acoustical and Vibration Design of Health-care & Hospitals are critical and integral part of the facility design. There are different sources of noise and vibrations in hospitals and Health-care spaces, including HVAC, Heliport and Emergency Transport Areas and other MEP sources. Besides patients rooms, healthcare facilities do have vibration-sensitive spaces such as CT and MRI imaging, and Operating Rooms (Ors) which need to be designed to specific vibration limits. We have vast experiences in noise and vibration design of healthcare facilities resulting in patient privacy and satisfaction, speech privacy, and also a comfortable environment for health-care employees.

Our services include but not limited to Environmental Noise Studies to address outdoor-indoor noise mitigation design, HVAC Noise and Vibration Control, Vibration Design of patient rooms, CT and MRI rooms, and OR spaces; Heliport and Emergency Transport Areas Noise & Vibration Control; Acoustical Design for Speech Privacy and acoustical comfort.

Healthcare & Hospital Projects