Nanotechnology, semiconductor fabrication and imaging facilities require an ultra-low noise and ultra-low vibration environment, otherwise research accuracy or production yield suffers.  Some laboratories need even lower vibration environments to push commercial tools beyond their limits or develop a new instrument generation.  Noise and vibration can intrude from exterior vehicle or rail traffic, from internal occupants and research equipment, or from the large machinery and delivery systems required to support these facilities.  Given the high stakes, these are some of our most challenging projects, calling on the following skills:

  • Structural Dynamics: using state of the art finite element modeling and dynamic analysis for studying vibrations of critical structures.
  • Mechanical Systems: vibration and noise control design & specification
  • Tool Installation Support: instrument foundation/pedestal design and testing
  • Acoustical Design: for human, lab animal, and instrument performance
  • Retrofit Design: to support new processes and update toolsets
  • Test and Measurement: site surveys, performance validation, benchmarking
  • Wireless Monitoring: of construction impact on existing facilities & surrounding community
  • Environmental Impact: planning and mitigation strategies for noise and vibration

Advanced Technology Facilities Projects