Peninsula Pipelines

Many construction projects require advance planning to manage noise and vibration impacts on adjacent communities and structures, followed by careful monitoring to avoid exceeding local regulations.  We can monitor not only land-based projects, but also water-based projects such as the wildlife impact of pile-driving in bridge construction.  We own and maintain a full suite of noise and vibration monitoring instruments, capable of both attended and remote operation.  The remote systems can be programmed to monitor noise and vibration levels continuously in real-time and issue exceedance alerts via SMS message and email.  Our construction services can begin at the project planning stage: our engineering staff can develop mitigation strategies to minimize the chance of unacceptable impacts.  we performed site surveys, impact planning and real-time monitoring of noise and vibration levels.

Peninsula Pipelines Seismic Upgrades, SFPUC: CEQA studies for construction noise and vibration at five upgrade sites in four Bay Area municipalities. The project was complicated by the presence of a total of five jurisdictions. This required alignment of analysis methodology in the face of five separate ordinances. We authored the EIR chapter on noise and vibration and successfully accommodated major scope expansion without allowing the budget to explode.